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Five Oaks Associates is a respected provider of solutions for process and equipment optimization that touch several key pulp, paper, and composite panel unit operations.  We can provide solutions for the following manufacturing areas.


Chemical Pulping and Bleaching Operations Mechanical Pulping and Bleaching Operations
Refining Refining
Screening Screening
Cleaning Cleaning


Recycled Fiber Operations Stock Preparation Operations
Attrition Pulping Refining
Detrashing Thick Stock Screening
Screening Approach Flow Screening
Dispersion / Kneading  


Paper Machine Operations Composite Panel Operations
Headbox Vanes Refining
Distribution Blocks/Discs/Tubes Fiber Testing
Dewatering Elements - Polyethylene and Ceramic  
Suction Roll Seal Kits  
Wet Zone Doctor Blades  
Dry Zone Stabilizers/Sealing Units  
Coating Beds  
Metering Rods Instrumentation
  On-the-Run Instrument Isolation Valves
Consistency Meters
Freeness Meters
  Kappa No. Meters
  Shives Content Meters
  Brightness Meters